GD will consider the bill on improving the system of vocational education

MOSCOW, 22 Nov — RIA Novosti. A bill aimed at improving the system of vocational education introduced in the state Duma, reported Tuesday on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The draft law prepared by the Ministry of Finance pursuant to the plan of measures on ensuring increase of labor productivity, creation and modernization of highly productive jobs and to improve the system of secondary professional education for 2015-2020.

Currently in Russia a network form of educational programs that provides the possibility of studying the development of educational programs using the resources of several organizations involved in educational activities, and, if necessary, using the resources of other organizations with opportunities for training.

The bill proposes to amend, in accordance with which the training costs will also include the expenses of the organization or enterprise, produced on the basis of a network form of realization of educational programs. Accordingly, such an entity may be the employer for the graduate.

The bill also clarifies that the training costs may include the costs of premises and equipment of a taxpayer that are used for training, wages, the value of the property given to provide training and other expenses under the agreements for training.

“The bill will promote the development of vocational education, will ensure the motivation of enterprises to participate in practice-oriented (dual) model of training of highly qualified personnel”, — is spoken in the message.

Earlier in August, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that it is necessary to develop training standards and to restructure the system of secondary vocational education with employers. The head of government emphasized that the experts must be demanded by the market, “it is therefore necessary to fully focus on the position of the employers”.