The Ministry of health decided to create a unified database of Russian resorts

The Department of hydro sanatorium “Healing Narzan” in Kislovodsk

Resort list

The Ministry plans to create an open unified database of resorts and spas, to information on the proposed law posted on the website of legal information.

Now the Ministry already keeps the state register of therapeutic areas, resorts, resorts, regardless of forms of ownership, it said. However, data are incomplete, and because the Ministry does not have sufficient authority. For example, a key problem the authors of the bill say the lack of information on nursing homes under the jurisdiction “of the Federal bodies of Executive power relating to “law enforcement agencies”.

The bill requires the amendment of article 14 and 16 of the Federal law of 21 November 2011 No. 323-FZ “About bases of health protection of citizens in Russian Federation”. Thus, the Ministry of health will be empowered to approve classification of the resorts, depending on the level of the provision of medical services. Based on the updated registry, the Ministry plans to create an open database. The bill may come into force from January 2018.

The idea of creating such a registry is sounded in August 2016 at the meeting of the state Council devoted to development of a resort complex of the Russian Federation. At the same time the Federal tourism Agency has announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with the National resort Association (NCA), which was supposed to create a registry of the Spa facilities. Also NKA had to develop criteria for certification of health centers.

The representative of the Ministry of health found it difficult to answer, as the current draft of the Ministry related to the initiative of the Federal tourism Agency. Phone the President of NKA Alexander Razumov Monday night was unavailable. The representative of the Federal tourism Agency told RBC that the Agency is working to increase the investment attractiveness of the health resort industry together with the Ministry of health.

An accurate description of the requirements and norms according to which is assigned or confirmed category of sanatorium-resort organizations, said RBC representative of the Ministry of health. According to him, recently there has been an active combination of treatment and rest, and the introduction of the classification will Orient consumers. In addition, the classification should help the domestic Spa industry to enter the international market of health tourism.

Where to go for health in Russia

To address the serious health problems the majority of non-resident patients choose medical institutions of Moscow and Moscow region, follows from the data of the Russian Association of medical tourism and a network of clinics, “meds”. As a leader in terms of health and fitness services in Russia is Stavropol Krai where the Caucasian Mineral Waters, have informed RBC in the press service of the Federal tourism Agency. In 2015, this region accounted for 16.2% of the market for these services.

Internal treatment

Medical tourism in Russia is really gaining momentum, follows from the data of the Russian Association of medical tourism (RAMT). By the end of 2016, the number of Russians who visited the medical institutions of other Russian regions, as predicted by Ramtha, will grow by about 45% compared to the previous year, to approximately 11.6 million people.

This increases the number of foreign medical tourists, from the data of the Association. In 2016 their will be 56% more — 20 thousand — in comparison with 2015.

The volume of outbound medical tourism in recent times, on the contrary, reduced. If in 2015 from Russia went for treatment more than 100 thousand people, this year the figure will not exceed 80 thousand, predicts Ramtha.

The quality of medical care in the country is now quite high and only growing, while the European is cheaper by 30-50%, says acting operating Director of a network of clinics “Medsi” Maria Kolomentseva. Most popular areas: Oncology, trauma, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery — lists it. European patients travel for dental and health check-UPS adds Kolomentseva.

Residents of Finland arrive in St. Petersburg for dental procedures, and a resident of Italy on the ECO agrees regional Director for Russia and CIS online service MEDIGO Dmitry Ladyzhenskiy. However, the proportion of Europeans among medical tourists is so small that it is very difficult to estimate, says ladyzhenskii. The main stream, according to him, accounts for patients from the CIS countries: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Belarus.

Respondents RBC representatives of the tourism industry positively estimate the initiative of the Ministry of health and from the point of view of tour operators and consumers. Currently in Russia there is no unified Federal database of resorts — the data exists only in certain regions, explains the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

Deputy General Director “Intourist” Sergey Tolchin agrees that the establishment of such a registry should: “At the moment for consumers SANATORNO-resort services is not always enough information about the treatment of professional orientation and level of comfort institutions. However, importantly, it does not become a barrier to the development of this industry. On the contrary, it is good if this initiative will further motivate them to provide higher quality services.”

The inclusion in the register of establishments “law enforcement agencies” should not be a problem because they are already present in the market, giving it some places for accommodation of tourists, says General Director of travel company “Dolphin” Sergey Romashkin.

However, it is important how to form a registry that is negotiated Lomidze. In her opinion, he should not only answer the question in which regions and which illnesses should be treated, but to be linked to the classification of hotels, the introduction of which is already underway in Russia that patients understand what level of accommodation they can expect.