The EP starts a session where it will consider a resolution on countering Sputnik and RT

BRUSSELS/MOSCOW, Nov 21 RIA Novosti. The debate on the situation in Syria and Turkey, strengthening the European defence and information counteraction to the Russian media, mainly the news Agency Sputnik and RT included in the agenda of four-day plenary session of the European Parliament that opens on Monday in Strasbourg.

The Russian context of the debates associated with making the vote on Wednesday, November 23, resolution, “Strategic communication of the EU as a counter-propaganda of the third parties.” The paper argues that Moscow will introduce in relation to the EU “hostile propaganda”. The opposition of Russia the authors of the resolution equates to the fight against “Islamic state” (IG, a group banned in Russia) and urged the European Commission and member countries of the European Union for additional financing of projects on counter-propaganda. Earlier, the European portal EU Observer reported that for these purposes the working group of the EU on the information counter Russia may get a budget of a million euros.

In addition, to strengthen, including financial, Euronews TV channel.

In the document, not wearing in the case of adoption of a binding nature, it is said that the Russian government, allegedly with the aim to weaken and divide the EU, “consistently uses a wide range of tools and instruments”.

In this case the resolution removed the reference Agency RIA Novosti, which initially, when voting in the Committee in October, in a project called channel then after the publication of the text of the document editor MIA “Russia today” Margarita Simonyan advised the authors to “teach the materiel”.

The project is bordered by censorship?

The resolution States that Russia is allegedly providing financial support to opposition political parties and organizations in the countries-EU members, uses the factor of bilateral interstate relations to divide members of the community. As the main information-related threats to the EU and its partners in Eastern Europe resolution called Sputnik, RT, Fund “Russian world” and subordinated to the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo”.

In order to counter “Russian propaganda” draft resolution of the European Parliament is urging EU countries to cooperate with the military Alliance NATO to develop mechanisms “for coordinated strategic communications” and against “hybrid threats”.

“The national media in the countries that are the Eastern neighbours (EU), often weak and unable to cope with the power and might of the Russian media”, is spoken in the draft resolution.

The draft contains language bordering on the proposal to introduce censorship against Russian media and calling on EU countries to make “concrete legal initiatives in order to become more effective and responsible in solving the problem of disinformation and propaganda”. The authors of the document say about the need for media pluralism and freedom of information.

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Spanish MEP, speaking on behalf of the group of his colleagues, also points out that the text of the resolution on “the promotion of third parties” does not reflect, firstly, the role of “propaganda, which is mainly the United States, in legitimizing their recent invasions such as in Iraq, leading to regional chaos”; and, secondly, by their own propaganda of the European Union in relation to its interpretation of democracy “as the only possible, which emphasizes the presumption of superiority and may be offensive”.

In this regard, the group COSO requires to recognize Russia’s status “key partner of the EU and key global player in the field of international security and joint fight against ISIS”, as well as withdrawing from the Moscow European sanctions, the renewal of the agreement between Russia and the European Union and the “strict separation of EU and NATO.”

Get Adobe Flash player Putin in MIA “Russia today” showed how a radio station Sputnik

Questionable knowledge of the subject

European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs approved a draft resolution in October, and then it contained a number of factual errors, in particular, news Agency RIA Novosti it was called a channel.

“I was surprised to learn that RIA Novosti TV channel. The rest of the paper is based about the same knowledge of the subject. Resolutioners should learn some materiel to start”, said Simonyan.

About feeling a real threat from the Russian media earlier said a number of politicians in the West and in Eastern Europe, including U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and other officials of different levels. Often they cited do not correspond to reality data on the budgets of mass media from Russia.

The charges are the same in Russia’s use of cyberspace for the aggressive actions of Moscow has repeatedly rejected at the highest level.

Sputnik ?????? ????? ????????????? ???????????? ????? ? ??????????? The opening of the editorial centre in Bishkek coincided with the first linkup between Bishkek and Moscow of the new radio Studio Sputnik Kyrgyzstan. Live radio bridges leading Sputnik discussed the results of the jubilee CIS summit, held September 16-17 in Bishkek. ?????? ?????? ?? ????????? ???????? ????????????? ?????? Sputnik ?????????? ? ??????? In the opening ceremony of the new centre was attended by the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. ?????????? ????????????? ?????? Sputnik ? ??????????? Multimedia press center Sputnik in the Kyrgyz Republic is a modern media platform, high-tech equipment which allows to hold events of various formats, from TV broadcasts to video bridges with different parts of the world. ????? ??? ?? ?. ?????? ?????? ??????? ? ????????? ???????? ????????????? ?????? Sputnik ?????????? ? ??????? During the event, the head of Sputnik Kyrgyzstan Elena Cheremisina talked about the multimedia capabilities of the editorial staff and had a tour of the editorial center. ????????? ????????????? ?????? Sputnik ? ??????????? Guests and journalists the new media center guests of the press hall, the infrastructure for receiving and transmitting information, including Wi-Fi. ?????? ?????? ?? ????????? ???????? ????????????? ?????? Sputnik ?????????? ? ??????? Sergey Lavrov wished success and prosperity to journalists Sputnik Kyrgyzstan. “I like it here. All very modern, all very high-tech. I’m sure there work is easy and interesting. You give an alternative point of view. Trying to get this alternative point of view was objective, balanced, and that’s what is missing in the international media space,” he said. Sputnik ?????? ????? ????????????? ???????????? ????? ? ??????????? Sputnik ( is a news Agency and radio with multimedia hubs in dozens of countries. Sputnik includes sites in more than 30 languages, analog and digital broadcasting, mobile applications and social networks. Sputnik Newswires around the clock face Arabic, English, Spanish and Chinese. / ?????? ????. ??????. ???????? ???? The Lithuanian foreign Ministry in April 2014, without explanation, refused to accredit the correspondent of RIA Novosti, Irina Pavlova. The journalist of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Galina Sapozhnikova in August 2015 was declared an “undesirable person representing a threat to state security”.

Kiev in the spring of 2015 has published a list of 115 Russian media, whose accreditation with the state authorities was temporarily suspended due to the fact that their work is supposedly “a threat to security of Ukraine”. The authorities constantly prevent the entry of Russian journalists.

Foreign Minister of Poland on 24 October 2014 revoked the accreditation of the journalist MIA “Russia today” Leonid Sviridov, who was working in Warsaw since 2003. After that the government began administrative forfeiture Sviridov’s residence permit, he was forced to fly to Moscow on 12 December 2015 without a court order. The history of Russian journalists have been hit twice in the monitoring report of the OSCE representative on freedom of the media Dunja Mijatovic on violation of journalists ‘ rights.

The result is Leonid Sviridov was stripped by the authorities of Poland residence permit out of court, the reasons for this Warsaw refuses to disclose. The Czech authorities, in turn, refused to the correspondent of RIA Novosti Alexander Kuranov accreditation.

Russian journalists also regularly admit to Moldova. So, in October of 2015 there were two cases of detention at the airport of Chisinau reporters of NTV, which was sent back to Moscow. In March a film crew of VGTRK, heading coverage of the elections in Gagauzia were not allowed in Moldova.

In March 2016, the Latvian authorities have blocked the Agency Sputnik and announced the closure of the resource in the blast Employees Sputnik in Estonia and Latvia was called to talk to the security agencies of these countries in connection with their journalistic activities.

Also in March, the state security service of Sweden released a statement where he accused Russia of waging a “psychological war” which highlighted the importance of RT and Sputnik.

Restrictions against Russian journalists was introduced in Ukraine by a number of correspondents were denied entry to the country, sanctions apply in respect of a number of leaders of the Russian media.