The auction for the development Elginskogo field was moved to 2017

The auction for licenses on Aginskoe the field and the Sukhoi Log to be held not earlier than next year, even if they were declared in the current, told reporters the head of the Committee Yevgeny Kiselyov on the sidelines of the “Days of the Arctic”.

He told RBC that orders from the government to change the current terms of the bid for both projects was received. “We are ready for the day to announce the auction, all the documents are ready, but are waiting for appropriate orders of the government,” he said

Auction Aginskoe, the last major mine in Russia, was originally planned to hold in late August — early September but it was delayed due to clarifications bidding conditions. The Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy explained the delay in auction by officials of his Department “clarified in the government something.” You need to understand all the procedures. And fall is quite normal. The end of September — beginning of October. Rather, October.”

Earlier, in June 2016, head of the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In his address, had asked the winner of the auction for the development Elginskogo fields involved in the development of a minority partner who had experience and agreement in the amount of at least $4 billion of financing long-term projects in Russia. Dmitriev pointed partner Arab Fund Mubadala, which RDIF in 2013 formed a consortium. As noted Dmitriev, Mubadala is willing to invest in Russian projects $7 billion, Head of the RDIF has identified as priorities the joint development Elginskogo field in the framework of a consortium with Mubadala. Putin on may 23 put the letter a resolution on its consent and requested the development of the project to the Ministry of natural resources.

In August, RBC became known that the CEO of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin appealed to the Russian President with a request to prepare a terms of auction for Elginskom field for “maximum competition, interested companies and excludes special requirements targeted to attract foreign investor with a specific investment amount. Available RBC was a copy of the letter. On the original the hand of Putin was written “[the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy. Offer to talk”. The source of RBC in the Ministry confirmed the authenticity of the letter.

In mid-August, Sergey Donskoy, has sent Putin an invitation to return to the initial conditions of the auction for Elginskom field, he reported TASS. “We sent a letter to the President that in principle you can leave the option (initial) resolution of the government on Elginskom (auction)” he said.

Elginskoe oil field, a part of the Priobskoye field in Western Siberia. It is one of the largest Russian deposits. Stocks Elginskogo of the Deposit amount to 103 million tonnes, the sale will feature a plot 762,8 sq. km.