Lufthansa pilots announced one-day strike over low wages

Pilots and flight attendants of German airline Lufthansa announced a one-day strike to be held on Wednesday, November 23. This was reported on the website of the trade Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), representing pilots and flight attendants of German carriers.

It transpires that due to the strike will be canceled domestic and international flights from Germany.

Employees of the Lufthansa require to change the existing tariff agreement on wages between them and the company, in particular, increase wages by 22% for more than five and a half years for the pilots of Lufthansa and its subsidiaries Germanwings and Lufthansa cargo units Cargo.

As noted by the Union, it is the 14th on account of the strike at Lufthansa since April 2014. For the entire period of the dispute between the airline and the Union were lifted about 8 thousand flights, the financial damage from the strikes is estimated at €300 million.

In August Lufthansa and pilots Union Vereinigung Cockpit broke off negotiations on wage increases and early retirement. Lufthansa is trying to cut spending on its core brand in Germany in order to better compete with low-cost airlines in Europe and fast-growing companies such as Emirates and Turkish Airlines.