In Irkutsk, at the request of a doctor found the girl, abandoned by my mother 6 years ago

IRKUTSK, 21 Nov – RIA Novosti. A girl from the city Alzamay, abandoned by his mother six years ago, discovered in one of the social institutions of Irkutsk after the law enforcement bodies of the doctor at the local hospital, the press service of the interior Ministry in the Irkutsk region.

The police asked the head of the medical institution. She told me that one of the patients, a girl born in 2006, consisting on the account since 2010, never went to the hospital. The child’s mother lives in Alzamay, but the whereabouts of the daughter does not speak.

The search of the girls engaged in law enforcement. They found that in 2010, the mother of the missing child, which leads an asocial life, drove my daughter to Hawaii and left there in one of the shopping centers. Later in the report, the woman saw that the child was transferred to the staff of the juvenile, and they are looking for his relatives, but this call did not respond, said the interior Ministry.

It turned out that the girl was transferred to the state social institution, where she was given the name, patronymic and year of birth, as the child could only be called his name. This fact complicated the search. Nevertheless the girl was found.

“Currently being tested all the circumstances of the incident after which the police of the city Alzamay action will give the mother a legal assessment”, — stated in the message a press-services gumvd in the region.

The interior Ministry intends to award the caring doctors of Alzamay for showing responsibility and concern.