In Irkutsk, a rally against the glorification of Kolchak did not cause resonance

IRKUTSK, 20 Nov – RIA Novosti. A picket against the installation of a memorial plaque to Kolchak in St. Petersburg held on Saturday in Irkutsk, the initiators, the public organization “Essence of time”, decided to recall the activities of the Admiral in Siberia during the civil war.

Public men established in the center of Irkutsk stands and handing out leaflets with information about the crimes of Admiral Kolchak, who was executed in Irkutsk in February 1920. Organizers said on his page in Facebook that the event aimed “to support the resistance of the glorification of Kolchak in Saint-Petersburg”.

In Saint-Petersburg on November 2, a memorial plaque to Admiral Kolchak. This event was ambiguously assessed in the society.

In Irkutsk the picket has not caused a public outcry. The figure of Admiral Kolchak by the majority of inhabitants of the regional centre is seen as historical. In 2004, the city was a monument to Alexander Kolchak, one of the cameras equipped jail Museum exposition dedicated to the stay of Admiral in the Irkutsk prison, the tour “Kolchak in Irkutsk” conducts Irkutsk regional Museum. Local theaters successfully put on plays about Kolchak – for example, the musical “Anna and the Admiral. Love story” on the letters and diaries of Anna timireeva to Alexander Kolchak in Irkutsk musical theater. N. M. Zagurskiy.

Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak (1874-1920) — Russian military and political leader, naval commander, scientist-oceanographer, polar Explorer. During the Civil war was one of the leaders of the White movement, held the post of the Supreme commander of the Russian army, and from November 1918 to April 1920, a temporary position of “Supreme ruler of Russia”. On the night of 6 to 7 February 1920 he was executed by order of the Irkutsk military revolutionary Committee.