The Arab coalition has announced a 48-hour cease-fire in Yemen

MOSCOW, Nov 19 — RIA Novosti. Led by Saudi Arabia, the coalition announced a 48-hour cease-fire in Yemen that will begin on Saturday, Reuters reported citing local media.

“The decision was made to begin a 48-hour ceasefire from 12:00 local time on Saturday”, — quotes Agency the statement of the coalition.

According to the Agency, the coalition also noted that it may extend the truce if the Houthis will honour its commitments and allow to deliver humanitarian aid to besieged areas.

In Yemen in 2014, the ongoing armed conflict in which one side involved Houthi rebels from the Shiite movement “Ansar Allah” and those loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh of the army, and on the other, government forces and militia loyal to President Abd rabbu Mansour Hadi. Power supports air and on the ground the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia.