Medina said that lies behind the arguments about censorship

MOSCOW, Nov 19 — RIA Novosti. In Russia there is no censorship in any form, in most cases, a dispute over censorship hides absolutely other problems — such opinion the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky stated on air of transfer of “Right to know” on channel “TV Center”.

Earlier, Konstantin Raikin, speaking at the international theatre forum, called for a workshop of solidarity in times of attacks on art, when they shut down exhibitions and performances. He noted its concern about “aggressive assaults on artistic expression”. According to Raikin, now attempts to return to censorship like the one that existed in Stalin’s time.

Medina once again reminded that in Russia there is a law that “prohibits censorship as a preliminary review of creative works from the point of view of the permission for publication or public presentation”. The Minister, taking decisions, could be guided only by the law, he said

“Censorship in any form in the country. But we can’t ban a respected cultural workers to talk about what not even. Unfortunately, in most cases, for imaginary arguments about censorship rooted in a completely different pitfalls. Someone has financial problems, someone creative, someone family. And as fetish extends the problem of censorship. But it’s not,” said Medina.

According to him, he was “terribly impressed” by speech Raikin, because the Ministry never indicated, not prohibited and not advised anything to the theater “Satyricon”.