In Barnaul residents 120 homes were left without gas due to abnormal cold

BARNAUL, Nov 19 — RIA Novosti. Residents of the 120 flats on Saturday to remain without gas in Barnaul, where it is used for cooking, the press service of the city hall.

According to authorities, one of a group of gas turbines stopped due to the abnormally low temperatures in the region.

“In the house is served propane-butane gas mixture: butane – 60% propane and 40%. Now purchased 100 tons of propane, 16 of which are delivered to the city at night on 19 Nov. This volume is used to increase the percentage of propane in the mixture, which should increase its volatility and to eliminate the problem of supply,” — said in the message.

The mayor said that in recent days the gas supply was restored in 80 apartment houses of Barnaul.

In the night of Friday, residents of the Altai territory experienced the coldest night since the XIX century, in Barnaul, the temperature dropped to -34.