The price of oil is reduced by data on the growth of the number of drilling rigs in the United States

MOSCOW, November 18 — RIA Novosti/Prime. World oil prices on Friday show a negative trend after the data release the us oil service company Baker Hughes to increase the number of oil rigs in the United States, according to the auction.

As of 21.32 GMT the price of January futures for North sea petroleum mix of mark Brent has decreased on 0,24%, to 46.38 USD per barrel. The price of December futures for WTI crude oil fell by 0.57% to 45.16 USD per barrel.

According to Baker Hughes, at the end of November 18 of the working week the number of drilling rigs in the US increased by 20 units, or by 3.52%, to 588. In annual terms the indicator dropped by 169 units, or 22.3%.

The number of oil rigs increased by 19 units, or 4.2%, to 471 units. The number of gas rigs increased by one unit, or 0.86%, and amounted to 116 units.

In addition, the negative impact on the trades has a stronger dollar, which makes oil more expensive for holders of foreign currencies. The dollar index (dollar to a basket of six currencies of countries — major U.S. trading partners) increases by 0.26 percent, to 101.21 points.