Milestones of the week. Acceleration Saakashvili, “Rod” complications and difficulties in MIA

The head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili asked his resignation from the post of the tone of the last information weeks. The ex-President of Georgia and former head of the difficult region, which has not happened loudly promised miracle, acts in his repertoire: promises a lot, and vividly, lucidly. An ambitious policy would do well to learn that “new” and “new faces” in Ukraine have already been two election campaigns in 2014, and today the effect of “novelty” can be, to put it mildly, the opposite of the desired effect.

The responsibility for the situation in the Odessa region until the appointment of there new head of the regional state administration took Volodymyr Groysman, at the same time during a visit to Kherson region who promised to restore the glory of Ukraine as a Maritime state. In addition, the government has stressed commitment to the timely passage of the draft budget 2017 through the parliamentary crucible, took the decision to raise minimum prices of vodka and were happy with the increase in the sovereign rating of Ukraine by Fitch ratings.

The plan name “Rod”, which operate on the Ukrainian security services, submitting information the old fashioned way, formally, it can cause a lot of smirks among the progressive-minded population. However, there are other realities: another provocation of the FSB in the Crimea, who found the “terrorists” among the Ukrainian experts, capacity-armored fist in the Donbass as a factor of pressure on the West and Russia’s interest in the dismemberment of Ukraine as a unified state. To achieve these objectives, the Kremlin will attack over and over again, because independent Ukraine is a serious threat to the Putin regime even in the present state of crisis. And direct military offensive in a series of methods of influence on the situation – not in the first place.

Of course, in this situation, the authorities should not be limited to statements of representatives of special services, and try to stop the protests, which are trying to speculate the opponents of the current government. Submitted by the President as urgent bill on the protection of the deceived investors of banks may not be enough. Although Khatia Dekanoidze sure the National police trust almost half of the population, some pirouettes of the interior Ministry are puzzling. And it is unlikely in Cherkasy, local activists protested against the appointment of a new head of the regional Department of the National police arbitrarily. And trust issues – not only from the appointment of the new assistant Minister of internal Affairs on issues of European integration, but also the struggle of the Ministry Arsen Avakov for the classification of lists of award weapons. Looks like this list is turning into a Pandora’s box that is open even on the court is dangerous for society. And mistrust of law enforcement, as experience shows, does not end well.

By the way, the resignation itself Khatia Dekanoidze as head of the National police, which she reported as a significant nervousness, do not add clarity to the situation, except for one fact: the state of stable instability in Ukraine is becoming a dominant characteristic of the political situation development.

Eugene Magda