In Russia will develop a new anti-tank self-propelled gun

Russia will have developed self-propelled anti-tank complex (ATRA) of new generation. It will be created in the interests of missile troops and artillery (Rvia) of the Russian army, said the head of the Rvia Lieutenant General Michael Matveevsky, reports “Interfax”.

“A planned development perspective of a single self-propelled anti-tank complex of new generation”, — said matveyevskoye. According to him, it will work on a “shot-forgot-struck”.

Head Rvia also noted that now the development of ATRA is “to enhance combat performance, noise immunity missiles, automation of anti-tank units and increase the power of combat units.”

Armed with Rvia at the moment are self-propelled anti-tank complex “Sturm-C” and “Chrysanthemum-s”.