Experts told about the consequences of reducing the temperature of the water in the apartments

Lowering the temperature of hot water in the apartments will not affect the amount of payments of the population. This was stated by the experts of the Institute of natural monopolies research (IPEM), reports “Kommersant”.

Experts said that to maintain the usual temperature the Russians will have to consume more water. They also stressed that the impact on heat supply companies is ambiguous — at decrease heat loss increase water costs for heating and electricity costs.

According to them, the idea of the CPS to reduce the hot water temperature by 10 degrees (from 60 to 50 degrees) is not going to win neither heat supply companies or consumers.

Evaluation of the experts it follows that the underheating of water by 10 degrees will reduce the rate in Moscow is 17.8%, in St.-Petersburg — on 16,5%, and in Kazan and Ufa — by 18.8%. In their opinion, the boiler, “having influence on the regional tariff authorities are interested in the minimum reduction rates”. In particular, according to experts, in inflated coefficients of heat loss.

If the idea of the CPS is approved, the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) will need to pay “close attention” to the rates at the local level, warned the experts. In turn, head FAS Igor Artemyev is sure that “this is very dangerous, including from the point of view of our cold weather and sanitary and epidemiological situation”. The idea is also not supported and the Ministry of economic development. The Ministry said that tariffs will not be affected. To reduce the temperature of hot water is possible, but you first need to align infrastructure, the Ministry said.

The idea of CPS was supported by the Ministry of construction and housing and communal services. The Agency expects the lower temperatures reduce wear of the equipment and networks and the cost of heating water.

At the same time, the heat supply companies the possible effects of innovations remains a controversial issue. In “T Plus” expect that in the summer when the temperature is the reduction of heat losses in heating systems through insulation. At the beginning and end of the heating season savings on “paratope” when the outside temperature allows to reduce the water temperature for heating lower than 60 degrees. However, this will lead to higher water consumption for heating and increased costs for water and electricity.

The initiative to reduce the temperature of the water disapprove and consumers, the newspaper writes. The Russians have created an online petition against this initiative.

The CPS offered to reduce by 10 degrees (from 60 to 50 degrees) minimum temperature hot water in apartments of 8 November this year. The purpose of the initiative, as explained in the Department, is to reduce costs given the decline in tariffs on hot water supply and heating.