One of the most famous books of the Bible first translated into the Yakut language

MOSCOW, 17 Dec – RIA Novosti. Translation Department of the Yakutsk diocese, in cooperation with the Institute for Bible translation there is a translation into the Yakut language of the book of Proverbs of king Solomon, said on Thursday the official website of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“”The Proverbs of Solomon” is not only a sacred text, but a collection of life experience, not losing relevance for thousands of years. Children’s behavior with parents, honesty and responsibility, reasonable relationship to wealth — these are the themes dealt with in this biblical book. Born in the culture of the Ancient East, it was indeed a common heritage and inspires both believers and unbelievers, and seekers of the path to God in the world. Now, thanks to the work of the translators of the Sakha people for the first time can get acquainted with wise advice and observations of king Solomon in the native language”, is spoken in the message.

In Orthodox churches the book of Proverbs is read in the divine services of lent — a period of repentance, “a thorough review of his life, a General cleaning of your soul”, the book is called “the tuning fork of introspection,” says the Archbishop Yakut and Lensky Roman (Lukin), quoted in the editorial of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The official presentation of the translation will be on December 13th this year in Yakutsk within the framework of regional educational Christmas readings.