Moskalkova said about the need for reform of remand

Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova said that Russia is long overdue reform of the investigative isolators (SIZO), according to “Izvestia”.

According to the Ombudsman, in the jail violated the constitutional right of suspects to defence. This is because due to the low capacity of most of the prison, there are no conditions for the work of the lawyers with their clients.

“The number of classrooms in the detention center does not meet the design standards in detention centres and prisons,” — said Moskalkova. According to her, in accordance with the introduced in the 2001 regulations provided, “limits”: 250 beds and 15 rooms, 500 beds, 30 rooms, 1 THD — 45 of the offices, a 1.5 million — 6 rooms. However, “in practice” the case “very sad,” said the Ombudsman.

To solve the problem, according to Moskalkova, you need to open a new modern jail and make greater use of electronic queue, and to have less recourse to deprivation of liberty, added to the edition. According to the Commissioner for human rights, for the people, “do not represent social danger” be enough “on his own recognizance or house arrest”.

Earlier, Tatiana Moskalkova proposed to oblige the court to release serious criminals, passed TASS. According to her, for this legislation need to enter the appropriate rate and exemption must be approved by the doctors.