In Mexico inside the temple of Kukulkan found another pyramid

MEXICO city, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. Mexican and American archaeologists made a surprising discovery inside the famous temple of KUKULCAN in Chichen Itza the pyramid again smaller.

We are talking about the third structural discovery in Kukulkan: the existence within the temple of the second pyramid, archaeologists have known since the 1940-ies.

“Third internal “matryoshka” may be, in fact, a set of a few small “dolls” within the same sheath, yet we do not know”, — quotes the portal Terra’s statement, Professor of anthropology Joffrey’s Braswell University of California, San Diego.

In 2015, scientists using three-dimensional electrical tomography has established that the pyramid of Kukulkan stands over the cenote, or underground river.

According to the archaeologist Denis Argote, age the smallest of the inner pyramid could be dated to 500-800 ad, and it refers to the period of “pure Maya”.

“If there is a possibility in the future to study this structure, it would be essential, so it would be possible to talk about the first people of this place, and would give an understanding of how developed the settlement”, — said Argote.