St. Petersburg authorities said the amount of damage during the construction of “Zenit Arena”

The total damage from the fraud in the construction of “Zenit Arena” on Krestovsky island in Saint-Petersburg is more than 700 million rubles this is with reference to the municipal construction Committee announced the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin in his Twitter account.

“But there’s still a moral component as well,” said Albin in the microblog.

In addition, the Vice-Governor of the city said that now the progress of construction of “Zenit Arena” “no external event will not be affected”. “The construction budget is balanced, all the necessary bought,” he wrote, adding that, in his opinion, “the risks to the detention somehow impact on the troubled objects of shared construction SU-155”, no. The construction of “Zenit Arena” comes with the support of the Ministry of construction of Russia and Bank “Russian capital”, said Albin.

Earlier on Wednesday, November 16, it became known that on suspicion of fraud in the construction of “Zenit Arena” more than 50 million rubles was arrested the former Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Marat Oganesyan. In may, as reported by “Vedomosti”, with Hovhannisyan to the post of Vice-Governor of the Moscow company SAM №5 won the tender for the lighting of stadium 347 mln. Later, the company got a list of the subcontractors whom the authorities of St. Petersburg suspected of fraud.