The pros and cons of warming the engine up for winter driving

MOSCOW, 15 Nov — RIA Novosti, Alexei Zakharov. Do I need to warm up the car engine in cold weather to operating temperature? Can I drive immediately after starting the motor? And as the idling will affect the engine life? The response of car manufacturers, automotive experts and technical experts — in the material RIA Novosti.

The interior of the car

The brands: got and went

Many car companies recommend not to warm up the engine at idle in the cold time of the year to operating temperature. Many of them even write about it in the instructions for their machines. But representatives of a number of brands pay attention to the fact that some time the engine should work at idle. This can be done, for example, while cleaning the car from snow and ice.

“The vehicle is moving at negative ambient temperatures it is recommended to start no earlier than 30 seconds after starting the engine,” said RIA Novosti the representative of AVTOVAZ with reference to the manual to the car Lada Vesta.

The time required for partial heating of the oil in the gearbox. If necessary, the heating can be done while a driver from safe driver dubai drives the car seamlessly, but only at low speed and using lower gears and low revs of the motor. As a warm-up, you can go to the higher gears.

Similar information is contained, for example, and in the instructions for Volkswagen Polo, which is not recommended to warm up the engine when the vehicle is stationary.
“Start driving as soon as conditions permit visibility through the glass. So the engine warms faster and ejected from the exhaust gases less harmful substances”, — the document says. AVTOVAZ and Volkswagen agrees, and a representative of Kia Motors in Russia.

Traffic in Moscow

“Can’t wait until the engine is fully warmed up in stationary condition, and start driving at moderate engine speeds. Should avoid sudden accelerations and decelerations,” said RIA Novosti in the Korean company. The Chery is also assured that the production company does not require warming up the engine in winter.

“Especially to warm up a car is not necessary. A minute hot and you can go. If you warm up a cold engine at idle, it affects the resource,” said RIA Novosti the representative of Nissan in Russia, Roman Skolsky, but added that the company does not recommend using the car in extremely low ambient temperatures.

At BMW, RIA Novosti reported that a mandatory engine warm up for BMW and Mini vehicles in winter are not required.

“Idling is harmful to the engine and the environment. You can start driving immediately after you start the engine without warming up,” — said the representative of BMW group Vasily Melnikov and added that for long engine service is not recommended for high load on a cold motor.

“During normal operation to warm up the car is not necessary. It is not necessary to use the car in extreme conditions until the engine operating temperature”, — said the official representative Mercedes-Benz in Russia Andrey Rodionov RIA Novosti.

Car exhaust pipe

To go or to warm

Not all car experts and technical experts interviewed by RIA Novosti, agree fully with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The chief technical expert CarFix Oleg Chirkov supported the recommendations of the auto companies. “Start the motor, spin the snow, buckle up and go. This minute or two is enough, but without the fast and the furious” — he told RIA Novosti.

“Warm up engine at idle is not recommended, even in winter. At this stage high intensity wear, it is recommended to smoothly start moving, avoiding excessive speed,” says head of after-sales service of group of companies “Avtospetstsentr” Evgeniy Grishkevich, but said that fast driving on a cold engine reduces the engine.

Some of the experts recommend to warm the engine to operating temperature before driving. At the time of engine warming up all systems of the car does minimum damage while in movement immediately after the start there is a “non-standard” friction, and it reduces the lifespan, said technical Director of “Pelican-Auto” novel Kosenchuk.

Even the best 0w-20 synthetic oil at low temperatures becomes more viscous, and cold engine has to work in conditions of lack of lubrication, which affects the cylinder-piston group, bearings crankshaft and camshafts, and turbine (if any), the specialist explained to RIA Novosti.

Frost on the car after freezing rain in Kazan

Agree with him and automotive expert and video blogger Denis REM, who believes that to warm the engine before driving is desirable but not mandatory. He told RIA Novosti that in some countries, such as Germany, it is forbidden to warm up the car idling, as in Russia. The fine for Parking in residential areas with the engine running more than 5 minutes is 1.5 thousand rubles (In Moscow and St.-Petersburg – 3 thousand rubles).

The experts pay special attention that the work of the cold engine in the winter has a significant impact on the resource.

“According to various estimates, 5 minutes of a cold engine, depending on the quality and composition of engine oil is equal to the mileage from 20 km to 300 km,” — said RIA Novosti automotive expert and host of TV channel “Auto Plus” Alexander called Dobin.

Aspect of wear and tear from cold engine while driving doesn’t care for the automaker, he said.

“Warming up the engine in winter were small and balanced. Tan is but a very short time — 3-5 minutes”, he said and added that it is possible and not to heat the engine, but it can afford only those drivers that are going to drive a car only during the warranty period.

“To extend the life of the vehicle, which is important in our economic situation, not for 3 years, and 5 or 10 years, with all due respect to the environment, you need before driving to warm up the engine,” — he concluded.