Opponents of the pipeline blocked the railway in North Dakota

WASHINGTON, 15 Nov — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. Protesters in USA against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline blocked the railway in North Dakota, told the associated Press.

According to him, the protesters put on the rails of the local narrow-gauge pickup truck and piled in the beginning, not allowing freight trains to enter the building. The police is on the scene, the arrest information is not available.

On Monday, the authorities called for further research and to consider the position of a local tribe of Sioux, which States that the construction of the pipeline threatens native American sacred places. However, Energy Transfer Partners, which is building the pipeline, filed Tuesday in court in the us capital, to seek confirmation of the right to continuation of the project.

Since August, police arrested more than 470 protesters. The protesters claim excessive use of force by the police and racist approach to the protesters. The police and the state government accusations of violence and reject the claim that the protests are hurting the local fauna, particularly populations of Buffalo.

The pipeline from the U.S. state of North Dakota to Illinois for daily transportation to 470 thousand barrels of shale oil from the Bakken formation is planned to finish by the end of 2016. The project is implemented by Energy Transfer, Sunoco Logistics and Phillips 66, in the August company of Enbridge Energy and Marathon Petroleum also bought a stake in the project. In late September, the indigenous people of Canada and the Northern United States signed an agreement on joint struggle against the construction of oil pipelines, saying the threat to the environment.