Media reported about the desire of the trump to allow their children to state secrets

The US President-elect Donald trump

Elected President of the United States Donald trump is considering the admission of their children to a top-secret government information. It is reported by CBS TV channel, citing its own sources.

According to TV channel, the transition team asked trump to the White house for permission to grant access to the secret documents of national importance to his two sons and daughter, each with more than 30 years.

The TV channel notes that this initiative involves the appointment of current government children trump councilors on issues of national security with his father. The law also allows the Trump after his inauguration on 20 January to appoint them on the posts of their advisers.

The children of Donald trump — a 38-year-old Donald trump Jr., 35-year-old Ivanka, 32-year-old Eric are on the transition team of his father. They took an active part in the presidential campaign of Republican candidate, but said he did not intend to hold official positions in the administration, said CBS. Surrounded by the trump assure that the President-elect after his inauguration as head of state will give your business under the control of children.

Earlier, on 12 November, trump announced appointments to his transition team. Elected Vice-President Mike Pence became the head of the transitional administration elected President of the United States.

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