The CEC does not exclude judicial perspective the complaints Dmitrieva in her constituency

MOSCOW, 14 Nov — RIA Novosti. The Central election Commission of the Russian Federation believe that it is not excluded the prospect of the court allow the appeal of the candidate from the Party of growth Oksana Dmitrieva on violations during elections in single-mandate constituency 217 of Saint-Petersburg on which she stood.

On Monday, the CEC held a working meeting, which reviewed some of the footage from polling stations in district 217, which, according to the applicant, there were violations during the recent Duma elections. Present at the meeting, and she Dmitriev.

Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina said that from the point of view of the applicant’s submitted materials do not allow confidence in the results of the elections on this district.

“According to our information, after all the court procedure is moving from Oksana Genrikhovna (Dmitrieva) and its representative. Accordingly, we understand that the judicial perspective is not excluded. We are talking about the appeal outcome at the same sites, which we now question. In what capacity will participate the election Commission of the subject, the CEC and its representatives in the process is determined by the court”, — said the CEC Secretary.

Grishin explained that the task of the CEC is to formulate an objective position on possible violations.

She noted that this is not the first review video on this district.