Scientists: the law of self-defence increased the frequency of murders in the US by 25%

MOSCOW, 14 Nov – RIA Novosti. Recently the government of Florida was allowed to use a firearm for self-defense, which led to an increase in the rate of homicides by 25%, say scientists in an article published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

“Such laws are introduced on the territory of the individual States of the United States since 2005. Surprising, given the scandals of the arms and the right to carry in America, no one has studied the problem and consequences of the introduction of such laws. Our study showed that they are the reason for the sharp increase in the number of murders in Florida,” said Antonio Gasparrini (Gasparrini Antonio) from the London school of tropical medicine (UK).

In accordance with the second amendment to the US Constitution, any American citizen has the right to purchase, possession and carrying of firearms. In the last ten years the Democrats and their sympathizers progressive forces have repeatedly tried to challenge this law and to cancel the amendment, citing the increase in the number of deaths in accidents with guns and ordinary crime.

The more active the debate is about the right to armed self-defense. In approximately half of the States, such actions are only valid within your own home or on their private property, but in Florida and 31 other regions of America in 2005 and was later enacted laws that expand that right to any place that can legally be the owner of the weapon.

Gasparrini and his colleagues checked what has changed in the lives of Florida in this respect over the last 10-12 years, comparing the incidence of murders and incidents related to firearms, prior to the adoption of this law and after its entry into force.

How to tell the scientists, prior to the enactment of the frequency of murders has steadily declined, and reached a figure of 82 murders per month, 49 of which were related to firearms. As it turned out, after 2005 this trend was reversed, and the frequency of homicide in General increased by 24%, while the number of shot people has risen by 31%.

Most of this affected two groups of people, young Americans aged 20 to 34 years and white residents of the state. The number of murders is first increased by 30%, and the second on 28%. In third place are African Americans, which began to kill 20% more often.

Finding this sudden change in the trend, researchers compared data for Florida with the frequency of murders in four States where such laws have not been entered and checked, was it due to the increased deaths by suicide and other consequences of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009.

In other States, similar growth was not observed, and the economic downturn has not led to an increase in the number of murders that led the authors to conclude that the adoption of the law on the “free” self-defence has led to a growth in the number of deaths. For this reason, scientists urge Florida officials to think about the abolition of this law and exploration of the wider consequences of its entry into force.