In the elections in Moldova became the top supporter of rapprochement with Russia

The candidate of the Party of socialists of Moldova Igor Dodon

Igor Dodon is leading in the elections of the President of Moldova. At the end of counting 78% of the ballots he enlisted the support of 57% of voters, according to the publication Totul.

Rival of Dodona in the second election, a supporter of the European integration of Moldova, Maia Sandu, according to the CEC, enlisted the support of 42%.

Election day in Moldova was accompanied by scandals. Both candidates accused the CEC and Ministry of foreign Affairs that the voters abroad are unable to vote because of the work of diplomatic missions. So, Dodon specified that are unable to get to the parts that voters in Russia, as Sandu indicated that the work was poorly organized in various European countries, including the UK and Romania.

In the first round of the presidential elections he received more than 49% of the vote.

After the amending legislation the citizens of the country for the first time could directly elect the head of state. Since the beginning of the 21st century of the President of Moldova was elected by the Parliament of the country.

In 2014 he enlisted the support of Moscow, when his party participated in the parliamentary elections. In Moscow he met with President Vladimir Putin and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, vowing to break the agreement with the EU and thereby return to the Russian market of Moldovan agricultural products.