Diocesan-approved “Church bus” started to work in Tver

MOSCOW, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. Shuttle buses, which transport the faithful to the churches and chapels appeared in Tver; their creation was approved by the Metropolitan of Tver and Kashin Viktor, told RIA Novosti in Tver diocese.

Earlier in a network there were photos of buses of the blue color scheme of stops on the sides, which were depicted in the temples of Tver. The final destination of the flight, judging by the photos, is to stop “the cemetery on Lebedjeve”.

“The Archdiocese wrote a petition to the Metropolitan, he approved the establishment of such a flight. We called it “Church line”. (He created) so that our parishioners could get to the city cemetery, where temples are built, where will be built where there is a chapel. Plus this route covers the main temples of the city, passing by them,” — said the representative of the diocese, adding that “Bishop approved” the establishment of such buses.

The creators of buses, which “will serve the need of the Church”, he said, are “believers”. The fact that the congregation is very difficult to get to the temple at the city cemetery, where the buses “don’t even come around”. Therefore, it was decided to create a “Church line” for the temple workers and those “who wants to come to Church services”.

The diocese said that the fare will be the same as city buses, noting that up to this the congregation was forced to order a taxi.

“Yet in Tver those patrons who could pay for it all,” — said the ROC.