Archaeologists have discovered remnants of the Prussian settlement in the center of Kaliningrad

KALININGRAD, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. Archaeologists have discovered in the centre of Kaliningrad the remnants of the cultural layer of the Prussian settlement dordtsche period of I Millennium BC during the excavation of the Western part of the former Royal castle of Koenigsberg, told RIA Novosti the Museum of history and art.

In 2016 at the initiative of the government of the Kaliningrad region the specialists of the Kaliningrad regional history and art Museum and the Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences was resumed archaeological research of the castle. A big part of the rescue archaeological field work in the Western part of the castle holds the Sambisa expedition IA RAS.

“The excavation of 2016 received unique materials on ancient history the study area. For the first time in the Western part of the castle revealed the remains of a cultural layer Prussian settlement dordtsche period, discovered the foundations of the fortifications of the castle of XIII – XIV centuries, revealed the remains of the South-Western and North-Western towers,” — said in the Museum.

Among the received archaeological materials – silver coins, keys, household items, fragments of kitchen and tableware, architectural ceramics (tile, bricks, including curly), residues of construction materials and structures.

Founded in 1255 as the fortress Konigsberg castle in the XVI century became the residence of the Duke of Prussia, and in 1701 became the coronation castle of the Prussian kings. In the early XX century the castle was placed the funds of a Museum “Prussia” of archaeological, historical and artistic exhibitions. The victims of the British bombing of the city in 1944, fierce fighting in 1945, the building of the castle was blown up in the 60-ies on the orders of the Kaliningrad regional Committee of the CPSU and finally the ruins of the destroyed by the end of 1970-ies.

Modern Kaliningrad region is located on the territory of the former German province of East Prussia with its capital Konigsberg. After the Second world war, at the Potsdam conference in 1945, one-third of East Prussia passed to the USSR, the rest of the territory by Poland.