The ISS was the first attempt to grow sweet peppers

MOSCOW, 10 Nov — RIA Novosti. In the new greenhouse “Lada-2”, which you send to the ISS is scheduled in December 2016, will be taken first in the history of space exploration attempt to grow peppers, told journalists the Deputy Director for science of the Institute of biomedical problems (IBMP) Vladimir Sychev.

“In December, the ISS gets a new greenhouse “Lada-2″. Very substantially streamlined design. Most importantly — we walked away from fluorescent lights and switched to led. It turned out that plants really do not care that they Shine with white LEDs was much better. The first experiment will be daunting — the culture that we grow, has never been in space. This is a sweet dwarf peppers. Then we’ll fix the wheat, and after it will be the salad of culture”, — said Sychev.

In addition, according to him, the ISS will be sent to 20 mice, 30 days they will be at the station. “Live mice will be returned to Earth, the experiment will be conducted in collaboration with American scientists,” — said Sychev.

He also added that he was preparing the program for implementation in the new module, MLM. “I look forward to the launch to the ISS the new Russian module MLM. There we will have an incubator with centrifuge and artificial gravity”, — said Sychev.