In the Khabarovsk territory of the rehabilitation center escaped tigress Demure

VLADIVOSTOK, November 10 – RIA Novosti. The tigress, which was caught after frequent visits to the village of Saline, has escaped from the enclosure of the rehabilitation centre, reported the Ministry of natural resources of Khabarovsky Krai.

Residents of the village of Saline on 4 August this year announced that the tiger began to enter the territory of the settlement. In August and early September, the beast even appeared twice in Saline, and measures to deter to no avail. Rosprirodnadzor caught the tiger in the beginning of November and put her in a rehabilitation center for wild animals “Utes”.

“On the morning of November 9 in the Ministry of natural resources of the Khabarovsky Krai from the center for wildlife rehabilitation “Utes” reported escape of a tiger named Quiet one of the cages. In the night from 8 to 9 November as a result of gust of wind in a cage, which contained the tiger, was broken rotten at the butt of the tree diameter of about 40 centimeters falling at a slight angle with the top of the fence enclosures. As a result, the fence was partly broken. Passing through the trunk of the tree, the tigress left the territory of the cage and then left the premises”, — is spoken in the message.

It is noted that the footprints in the snow found that the tigress has left in a northerly direction, opposite from nearby settlements. Heads of administrations of nearby settlements warned about the escape of a tiger. In the case of its occurrence in the territory of these settlements will be taken measures for its capture.

As reported by RIA Novosti source familiar with the situation, the tiger in the near future going to release in the wild, since she was healthy and her behavior was adequate.