The Vatican promised to pray for “enlightenment” trump

The Secretary of state of the Holy see cardinal Pietro Parolin said the Vatican is to pray for the new President of the USA and that the Lord had “enlightened”, reports Reuters.

“We pray that God will enlighten him and give him the strength to serve my country and to work for the prosperity and peace in the world. I think that today everyone has to work hard to change the situation in the world,” the cardinal said.

He also wished the future President that “his leadership was really fruitful.”

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump won a victory in the presidential race in the US on 8 November. This is confirmed by calculations by the Associated Press and Bloomberg. Trump has already made a welcoming speech to his supporters and announced that Hillary Clinton conceded defeat.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis suggested that Donald trump is behaving is not Christian because of his stance on immigration. “The man who thinks only about building walls wherever possible, instead of building bridges, acting unchristian”, — quotes the words of the Pope to Reuters, said after the visit to Mexico.

Trump commented on the Pope’s statement, saying that “if the Vatican suddenly attacked by ISIS (“Islamic state” terrorist organization is recognized as banned in Russia) — and everyone knows that this is their main goal, — the Pope is praying to Donald trump were President.”