Soda can deprive a person of sleep, say scientists

MOSCOW, November 9 – RIA Novosti. Regular consumption of soda and other sweetened drinks was associated with a constant lack of sleep and problems with sleep, doctors say in an article published in the journal Sleep Health.

“We think that in this case there is positive feedback, in which the habit to consume sugary drinks and not sleep reinforce each other. Because of this people very difficult to refuse from this bad habit. Our data show that the epidemic of drinking soda, obesity and diabetes can be combated by improving people’s sleep,” said Arik Prather (Prather Aric) at the University of California in San Francisco (USA).

Prater and his colleagues came to this conclusion observing the lives of about 19 thousand people participating in the national program for monitoring the diet and health (NHANES) from 2005 to 2012.

Participants in this project not only tested regularly and has passed full health check, but also reported on what they eat and drink, how well they sleep and scientists disclose other details of their daily lives.

Comparing the manner of NHANES participants ‘ sleep and diet, the doctors discovered that people who frequently consumed large quantities of soda, canned coffee and other sweetened drinks, slept on average just five hours a day or even less.

The more they drank sugary drinks, the more pronounced was this effect. On average, people slept five hours, drinking on 21 percent more than Americans on average, whereas participants in the monitoring, slept about six hours, drank only 11% more than the norm.

A similar effect, as the researchers note, there were both among poor and rich Americans, and not depended on the daily routine, job and other socio-economic factors. Interestingly, this effect was specific to soda, coffee and other sweetened drinks, while juice, tea or diet drinks did not cause such negative effects. Interestingly, people who slept long, ate an average of less soda and coffee than the study participants average.

“People experiencing lack of sleep, can purchase sweetened beverages containing caffeine in order to Wake up and become cheerful. On the other hand, we do not understand how they can influence the quality of sleep and its duration, and why people continue to drink them. Unfortunately, the NHANES data is not enough to determine that this is the consequence and the cause,” concluded Prater.