Cold season: where and how will the rest of the Russians on New year

Under the sign of the low-cost

The average price of tickets for the new year holidays as a whole declined compared with the previous year by 11.5%, according to statistics from the ticketing service “”, provided upon request to RBC. In Russia, a decline of almost 15%, CIS countries — 13,5%, and on other routes within 3-3. 5% (see chart). Another ticketing service Biletix, according to figures received by the RBC, says even more drastic decline: the average bill for domestic flights fell by 41%, to 8 thousand roubles, and on the outside — on 11%, to 18.6 thousand rubles.

The General Director of Biletix Alexander Sizintsev attributes this to the fact that on domestic flights, the majority of Russian airlines the implementation of a flexible low-cost rates, and international holds a large number of shares, and the passengers began to choose a more budget direction.

Those who had bought cheap tours, travel less, and consumers of the mainstream proposals are partially redistributed in the segment, says Deputy General Director of “Intourist” Sergey Tolchin. According to him, relatively stable demand shows the smallest group of tourists, which belongs to the medium plus and premium segments.

“A hallmark of the Christmas sales this year is interest in booking a very expensive hotel facilities and tours in Europe, or the most economical. Tours in the mid-price segment is almost not popular,” confirms a representative of the BSI Group Svetlana Baranova.

Another trend this year, which allows tourists to save on vacation is early booking. And ticketing services, and tour operators say that sales for the New year began with the Aug. If in 2015 the average depth of the bookings were made two months, this year it comes to three.


Between Sochi and Veliky Ustyug

Christmas tours in Europe, according to estimates of the BSI Group, this year on average cost 65 to 74, thousand RUB thousand RUB, the company informed. To go to Asia can be an average of 80 thousand rubles, and in Russia and CIS — over 20 thousand rubles.

It’s no wonder that choosing where to relax, the Russians are increasingly inclined to domestic tourism and trips to neighboring countries. According to statistics, Biletix, most often Russians buy tickets for New year in Sochi, Mineralnye Vody and Krasnodar, and in total from the top 20 areas, 16 are located in the territory of the former Soviet Union. For comparison, a year earlier, in the popular twenty of them were only seven, but ten cities from Europe.

“The undisputed leader — Sochi, then the Crimea, the third place is shared Veliky Ustyug, St Petersburg and Moscow (for tourists from the regions)” — lists Sergey Tolchin priority tourist destinations.

If “Intourist” was engaged in domestic tourism initially, this season, interest in Russia is fixed and tour operators, which previously specialized in international tourism. For example, in a press-service of Coral Travel, said that for the first time Russia entered the top five best-selling New year countries.

Among the most popular destinations are the CIS ticketing services, Biletix and “” unanimously called Chisinau, Yerevan and Tbilisi. In the “” on these cities account for 40.2% of the bookings in the near abroad.

Available Asia

Going abroad in 2016, as in the past, Russians often choose warm Asian direction, says the regional Director of Kayak in Russia and Poland Belief Pershina.

All respondents RBC ticketing services give the palm to Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket). Among the popular destinations were also Israel (tel Aviv), Sri Lanka (Colombo) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh). In this case, if the average price of tickets from Moscow to tel Aviv and back, according to “”, grew by 4.3%, to 11 thousand rubles., flights to Bangkok, in contrast, fell by 10.8% to 21.7 thousand rubles., and in Phuket by 22% to 27.4 thousand RUB

“This year Bangkok was the cheapest destination in terms of accommodation — 17 472 RUB for 7 nights, despite the fact that this was 6% higher than last year’s prices, says Graf. — Heaviest prices fell on hotels in Colombo in Sri Lanka for 7 nights in a three star hotel you can pay is 28% less than in 2015.”


The demand for these areas by tourists and tour operators confirm. For example, the greatest number of Coral Travel sales have Thailand and Vietnam. A representative of the tour operator “TUI Russia” Tatyana Kruglov reported that the leader in the segment of “beach vacation” became Israel. In addition, among the popular beach destinations of the tour operators surveyed by RBC is called UAE.

Many tour operators were looking forward to the lifting of the ban on the organization of Charter flights to Turkey — it happened at the end of August. However, interviewed by RBC participants of the market of this country is mentioned only representative “TEZ Tour” Larissa Akhanov. According to her, Turkey accounts for the highest number of Christmas sales that is associated with affordable prices: a week-long stay, including flights, accommodation, insurance and transfers, starts from 23 thousand rubles.

The skis instead of the pyramids

However, the high season in Turkey is in the summer. In winter, the main favorite of the Russians have traditionally considered Egypt, direct flight which is still missing. Russian authorities expect that the Egyptians will be able to provide tourists with the necessary level of security. If the opening direction occur, it “could completely change the market,” said Tolchin of “Intourist”. For this reason, this year the tour operator, for example, has focused not on the beach, and on excursions and ski tourism.

According to the rating Kayak, the top 10 European ski resorts popular among Russians, hit five resorts from Austria (Ischgl, sölden, kitzbühel, Lech and Mayrhofen), three from Switzerland (Zermatt, St. Moritz and Davos), and one each from France (Chamonix) and Italy (Livigno). According to “TUI Russia”, among the ski areas on new year’s eve date good demand also is in Bulgaria. The prices are reasonable and the infrastructure is often better than in Russia, explains Tatiana Kruglov.

For this reason, of all European cities for a sightseeing holiday the Russians are still popular in Prague. According to statistics from Biletix is the only destination in Europe included in the top-20 in 2016. “” said that in Prague accounted for 10.8% of the European bookings, which is 1.5 times more than the year before.