In November, above the Ground rises a giant record-breaking “super-Moon”

MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. Moon this November and December during the full moon will look unusually large because of the maximum rapprochement of the Earth and its companion, and the November Moon will be a record high over the past 68 years, according to

The supermoon is an astronomical phenomenon when the full moon coincides with the moment of closest approach the moon and Earth and moon seem 14% bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual.

The moon at the time of SUPERLINE resembles a huge flaming ball as it goes nearest to the Earth point of its orbit – perigee. At perigee the moon is to the planet for about 50 thousand kilometers closer than when it is farthest point – apogee.

Such variations in the distance between the Moon and Earth are related to the fact that the orbit of a satellite has an elliptical shape.

This “supermoon” will be the second for the current year or a previous similar event occurred on October 16th of this year and the next sunrise an unusually large moon will occur on December 13. November’s “super-Moon”, according to astronomers, will be the largest of the trio, and in addition to this, it will be the biggest super Moon since 1948, and the brightest moon until 2034.

December’s “supermoon” will be interesting because the bright light of the moon, according to calculations of astronomers from NASA, the “shadow” of a meteor shower the Geminids, which will illuminate the night sky of Earth just on the second week of December. Because of this brightest cosmic “fireworks” will be barely visible to the lovers watch the skies.

Первый снимок поверхности Луны сделанный космический аппаратом Lunar Orbiter 1. 1966 год Exactly 50 years ago, the American artificial lunar satellite “lunar Orbiter-1” managed to take photos of the lunar surface and send back 229 frames of high and medium resolution. Other devices were able to get some more pictures of the places where it is possible to land ships, as well as to photograph the polar regions of the planet. Снимок поверхности Луны сделанный космический аппаратом Lunar Orbiter 5 The program “lunar Orbiter” was a series of five automated orbiters, which were launched by the U.S. in the years 1966-1967, with the purpose of mapping the lunar surface. All five flights were successful, 99% of the moon was taken with a resolution of 60 m and better.

On the photo: the surface of the moon taken by the spacecraft “lunar Orbiter-5”. Американский астронавт Юджин Сернан на лунном автомобиле During the expedition “Apollo-15” American scientists were first used electric LRV. A unique device, developed by Boeing in the late 60-ies, was a four-wheel double conveyer, equipped with the traction motors and two batteries. The use of the vehicle significantly expanded the area of the lunar surface available to astronauts. The car could reach the speed of 13 km/h Total length of the path traversed lunar car in the 15th, 16th, 17th expeditions “Apollo”, was 28, 27 and 36 km, respectively.

In pictures: American astronaut Eugene Cernan on the lunar Rover during the expedition “Apollo 17”. Снимок планеты Земля с орбиты Луны The spacecraft NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter continues to study the moon from orbit. Recently, the Agency’s experts were published the Land obtained by the cameras of the LRO probe. As while shooting the Earth and Moon were moving, needed additional image processing algorithms to compensate for this effect. Кратер на Луне The surface of the moon is riddled with craters that have arisen as a result of falling of a huge number of meteorites. Attempts to explain the origin of craters began in the late 80-ies of the XVIII century. In addition to meteoritic hypothesis was also put forward volcanic, which was later refuted. Луна над комплексом для соревнований по лыжным гонкам и биатлону Лаура Every year the Moon is getting farther and farther from Earth. For 12 months the distance between them increases by 4 see the Removal of the satellite is the result of gravitational tidal interaction between it and our planet. Луна Earth was born 4.5 billion years ago. Compared to his current state he originally had a much larger size. The shape of the moon is actually not perfectly round, but egg-shaped because of the influence of Earth’s gravity. In addition, its center of mass is not in the center of the cosmic body, and about two kilometers from the city center. Фазы полного лунного затмения. 2014 год In this image, scientists combined several phases of the lunar Eclipse. This phenomenon represents the immersion of the moon in the conical shadow of the Earth. While our planet is on the same line between the center of the moon and centre the Sun. A lunar Eclipse happens with a strong reduction of the brightness of the disk of the satellite. To distinguish the penumbral, partial and total lunar eclipses. Watch them in any corner of the world where the Moon is above the horizon. The average duration of the Eclipse is several hours. Частичное солнечное затмение Another rare natural phenomenon – a solar Eclipse. It occurs due to the fact that the Moon eclipses the Sun’s surface completely or partially. It can be seen only during a new moon, when rotated to the planet is the part of the moon is not fully illuminated, that is, it is not visible to the naked eye. Американский астронавт Харрисон Шмитт на Луне July 20, 1969, the Apollo program achieved its main goals – flight and landing a man on the moon. The first astronauts to set foot on the surface of the moon were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin. Their stay on the moon lasted 2 hours and 31 minutes. Only the moon was made six moon landings, all six Americans.

In pictures: American astronaut Harrison Schmitt during the last landing on the moon as part of the expedition “Apollo 17”. Фотография Луны сделанная российским космонавтом Федором Юрчихиным Natural phenomena such as sunrises and sunsets, the moon missing, because there is no atmosphere. But there all day you can watch the starry sky, the Sun and the Earth.

Photo: a picture taken by Russian cosmonaut Fyodor by urainum. Полнолуние над Московским международным деловым центром Москва-Сити The supermoon is an astronomical phenomenon when the full moon coincides with the moment of closest approach the moon and Earth and moon seem 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. След американского астронавта Базза Олдрина во время миссии Аполлон-11 на Луне Due to the lack of on the moon wind and moisture, traces of the astronauts who visited the moon for nearly 50 years remain unchanged.

Photo: a trace of American astronaut buzz Aldrin, left during the mission “Apollo 11” on the moon. Первое частное солнечное затмение 2011 года Earth is the only planet in the Solar system where it is possible to observe the total solar Eclipse, which occurs as a result of the fact that the Moon eclipses the Sun’s surface. At the same time in any point of the Earth, this phenomenon can be seen on average once every 360 years. /