Bang Bang: Lipnitskaya was injured, Previously won gold at the Grand Prix

MOSCOW, November 6 – R-Sport, Anatoly Samokhvalov. Moscow Grand Prix ended with the conquest of the Russian skaters five medals, injured his leg Yulia Lipnitskaya during the rental, with a confident victory of Anna Pogorily in the competition “odinochnits” and exit the dance pair Ekaterina Bobrova/Dmitri Soloviev in the series Finale.

Gold and silver in women’s figure skating in the third stage of the series, which ended on Saturday in the capital’s ice Palace “Megasport”, won Previously and Elena Radionova. In the ice dancing won by Bobrova and Soloviev, guaranteeing their spots in the Grand Prix Final, which will be held on 8-11 December in Marseille. In competitions couples Natalia Subiaco and Alexander Enbert took silver, Christina Astakhov and Alex Rogonov — bronze.

Radionova completed the program with a 98%

The stage in the capital was the dress rehearsal of the championship of Russia in women’s figure skating, only the current champion Evgenia Medvedeva watched from the side, surrounded by their coaches, Sergei Dudakov and Daniel Gleichenhaus, Olympic champion and Sochi Adelina Sotnikova was preparing for departure to the Baltic in Riga and Tallinn at the next show, but with the intention of showing the competition, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, after returning from Canada, gathered in the “Megasport” a line of people waiting to be photographed. However, the fight on the principle of “herself”, as mentioned Radionova, actually turned into a get-together between her, Pogorily and Lipnitskaya.

At the September rentals in Sochi, the tournament series “Challenger” on the official training of the Grand Prix looked better Previously. Bronze medalist of the world championship 2016 in Moscow recalled the stage two years ago. “Many said Previously at that point (in 2015/16) should be the first” — shared after the short program Anna was feeling kind of outside pressure. “Even on posters everywhere Eugene Medvedev — the feeling that she’s performing here,” he said with a slight laugh Pogorelaya.

But that Previously scored best scores on the first day (73,93). From Medvedeva at Skate Canada was more than two points higher. But favorite stamp of the domestic skaters on pure skating and the leader of the third phase proceeded, all elements with “plus”, including key – cascade “triple Lutz – triple toe loop”, which, however, Radionova, who fought for the jumping exercise, the short program was even better than Pogoriliy. But conceived in the image of the program Radionova “split personality” has led to a torn away on the Axel that made the ice heroine “Porgy and Bess” at the second intermediate position. Her “Princess Turandot” in random also lost points on two rittberger, took second place (195,60), but, according to the coach Inna Goncharenko, a Moscow Grand Prix athlete it worked 98%.

Spanish love story Pogoreloe on Saturday sounded clearly stronger, she made only one mistake on the flip. “Hard enough riding in the morning at practice, as manifested itself the day yesterday – was trapped leg, a little pressed that last ride, it was after the short (program) first. So I try to ride restrained and focused,” said the winner, who scored 215,21 points.

Elena Radionova (Russia) performs in the short program of single skating among women in the third stage of Grand Prix in figure skating

Trauma Lipnitskaya

Lipnitskaya in the short program and was immediately lost one and a half points due to the simplified cascade “3-3”, making the first jump toe, and not “mandatory” for those who claim on the podium with a Lutz or flip. True, skater promises to return to Sochi to dash off a Lutz. But first she needs to fully recover from the injury before the United States Grand Prix, from which it eventually withdrew. At that time nobody knew what was going to happen on Saturday. Almost “zero” on the system of GOE flip due to the uncertain edges, and nearly two score defeat compatriots in the components brought Lipnitsky with 69.25 points to the third line, below which housed the representatives of a completely different, non-elite caste of figure skating.

“Well, a better (points) than usual. I, in principle, satisfied,” gasped Lipnitsky, for which immediately came coach Alexei Urmanov. “It’s time”, — said the expert, having dragged the student into the locker room. Lipnitskaya she only managed to turn his head towards journalists, but for that, there was the opinion not from “Schindler’s List” by Ilya Averbukh, which brought her Olympic gold, and ironic-to blame: “what can I do?” co-authored with Alexei Urmanov, who a day later had to prove to the public that his program, based on the film “Kill Bill” (“Kill bill”), is not hopeless, as considered in the Federation of figure skating of Russia (FSFR).

Not proven. Hit the chorus from the soundtrack of the film “Bang Bang” Lipnitsky passed, making cascade “3-2” flip, was in front of Axel in two and a half turns, which athlete came and began to bring his right leg, but jump could not. Lowered his hands. Then tried to be included in the rental, but the foot is not allowed to do. The music was soon turned off. Lipnitskaya rolled out on the ice without support on one leg, she drove first to the coach, then to the referee, who, according to Urmanov, offered to renew the rental with a suspended seat. The skater agreed, again came to him, fulfilled him, but immediately fell. Got up, got to the center of the ice and the program has finished to the applause of the “Megasport”.

“Yulia minus a leg, now we understand. Her driving foot, so she was unable to continue the program,” said first Urmanov reporters. The skater refused to comment, but went to the locker room without assistance. “During the warm-up, if someone noticed, she approached me and we were doing some movements with my help, — I will tell later Urmanov. — The workout was so, say, call. The withdrawal was not discussed, I did not think that this is a serious moment.” Formally, it took the final in 12th place with 148,13 points, since random was truncated. Bronze American Courtney Hicks (182,98).

Yulia Lipnitskaya (Russia) performs in the free program of single skating among women in the third stage of Grand Prix on figure skating in Moscow

Soloviev was counting in the first place

Bobrova and Soloviev demanding to even small flaws in their statements, after one of the recent tournaments Catherine even apologized to the fans for being too emotional. Summary of the approach is “penny” lagging behind the bronze medalist of the world championship 2016 Madison chock and Evan Bates from the United States after the short dance with a personal best (74,92), and the final victory the next day (186,68). Bobrova and Soloviev the second time in the season beat us a few chalk/Bates.

“I will not hide, we counted in the first place, because we really worked very hard,” said Soloviev. Bobrow chose to avoid such categorical statements of intent. “For a place answered Dima, — said Ekaterina. — I had a little sorrow for what we have not done a clean rentals in the previous competitions – take full responsibility, and here in Moscow, I set a goal to skate so cleanly that it took the audience”.

The Russians received higher levels of performed elements, in contrast to the stage in Chicago, however, according to Solovyov, the couple on Saturday, “there were some flaws in the entrance to the rotating support, the rotation wish was faster, but in General we are satisfied with the rental service today”.

Americans purely skated at Skate Canada, but Bates made a marriage in a random dance. “I think I rushed into it, crumpled, lost any sense, and when the first twizzle oiled, then the rest get the same matter — Bates explained his mistake, which he, by the way, has already been made at a recent tournament in Bratislava, where they also lost to Bobrova and Soloviev. The result – the second position (182,13).

Canadians kaitlyn weaver and Andrew After almost five points behind the Russians on Saturday, and I ended up in third place (178,57). Though the couple experienced a dramatic stylistic change with coach Nikolai Morozov, but played very bright and technically complex programs. Russian Duo Sofia Evdokimova/Egor Bazin became the penultimate, 9-mi (133,37).

Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev (Russia) perform short program of the ice dancing at the III Grand Prix of figure skating

Damn Salchow

In competitions of sports pairs in the absence of the victors of last year’s Grand Prix Final, Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov presented in Moscow, the Russians were in the rank of “dark horses” in the company of the legendary representatives of Germany’s Aliona Savchenko and her partner Bruno Mass, but in the lead before the open program was a courageous Natalia Subiaco, still not fully recovered from his heavy injuries, and her partner Alexander Enbert performed a triple twist and release loop.

“They want (to go by the way of complication), but I’m not allowed, because Natasha has still not recovered his ear – she can’t hear in my left ear, coach said of the Duo Nina Moser. — While I don’t want to take any chances.”

The Germans took a risk in the short program with the most difficult of emissions – Axel 3.5 turnover, Savchenko landed on both feet, and in the end they lost to the Russians a few tenths of a point. In random Savchenko/Masso took power again, had done business with the release of Axel, eventually getting 2.5 turns instead of 3.5, and almost filled up a quadruple Salchow release made on the “minus 3”. But the complexity and features have made them first objectively (207,89). Subiaco with Alberta did not flinch, squeezer arbitrary one major blot (partner couldn’t jump a triple Salchow, and the item was not counted), and eventually became the second (197,77).

“Are arbitrary, of course, a little bit worse than it turned out, was one mistake. But I’m glad everything else was able to do purely all emissions, a cascade of three jumps,” shared Subiaco. “We definitely satisfied with the second place,” confirmed Enbert.

Kristina Astakhova two days beating myself torn in two a Salchow right there in both programs, but they are Aleksey Rejonowym still won his first podium at the Grand Prix, winning still bronze (188,74). Alisa Efimova/Alexander Korovin took 7-th place (165,07).

Natalia Subiaco and Alexander Enbert (Russia) perform in the free program pair skating at the III Grand Prix of figure skating

Fernandez went on the old “Malagena” components

Japanese Soma UNO was not able to skate without mistakes both programs, but because of the difficulty level short set a personal record, gaining 98,59 points. Even the “defective” quadruple flip and cascade “4-3” allowed the Japanese to create a reserve of almost 7 points from the world champion Javier Fernandez, despite the higher rating of the Spaniard for the components. Last year’s short program Fernandez “Malaguena” still makes an impression on the judges, evaluating the choreographic gift to the skater, even in a “dirty” riding. In the short program, the Spaniard made a triple Salchow instead of a Quad, but on the “plus” was performed only a triple Axel.

But at the end of the second day of the world champion with a margin of 7 points ahead of UNO and for the third year in a row won the Cup of Russia, gaining 292,98 points. The Japanese — silver (285,07). Both skaters performed three quadruple jumps in an arbitrary, Fernandez – two toe loop and Salchow, UNO – flip and two toe loop but the second one is the “trailer” re-jump, which was zero. Five points of the component advantages of the Spaniard took the win. And guaranteed them a place in the Grand Prix Final, UNO said it will prepare a quadruple loop, as his famous compatriot Yuzuru Hanyu. Third place on the stage in Moscow was taken by the Israeli Alexei Bychenko (255,52).

The Russian Mikhail Kolyada, who will leave old short program before the end of the season, was eventually the fourth (245,30). Have walked the third of St Petersburg failed at the decisive hire a Quad Salchow and cascade “triple Axel – triple toe loop”, was recorded replay “attached” jump after the triple Lutz and double loop.

“Apparently, he was worth me still was not enough. About at the stage I thought. Would be nicer if I just purely skated, but was also a fourth,” said Carol, who said that he is usually heavily included in the season and “all the same from start to start getting better and better.” Gordey Gorshkov took 9-th place (223,51), Artur Dmitriev — 10-e (221,52).

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