Media: us military hackers infiltrated the command system of the Kremlin

WASHINGTON, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. American “military hackers” penetrated into the Russian infrastructure and are ready to “strike if necessary”, according to NBC News, citing a statement from an anonymous senior us intelligence and secret documents.

“Military hackers infiltrated the U.S. in electrical and telecommunications in Russia and in the command system of the Kremlin, making them vulnerable to attack using a secret U.S. cyber-weapons if the US deems it necessary. This was announced by a senior representative of the intelligence, it also follows from the top secret documents reviewed by NBC News”, — stated in the material channel.

“Cyberweapons will be used only in the unlikely case that the United States will be carried out a significant attack, say officials,” reports NBC News.

“U.S. officials continue to Express concern that Russia is using its kiberbezopasnosti to try to disrupt the presidential elections next week. Officials in US intelligence would not expect that Russia is attacking critical infrastructure is, according to many, is fighting — but they expect the so-called cyberabad, including the possible publication of forged documents and spreading false accounts in social networks aimed at spreading disinformation”, — said the channel.

According to him, the US government gather the resources to respond to the “Russian threat”.

The channel cites the former commander of NATO forces Admiral James Stavridis. “We are more than a match for offensive capabilities (in cybersphere) any other way, but they are quickly catching us up… We went up to the point when we need to give an answer to Russia in case of significant events in cybersphere on the eve of the election,” he said.

Earlier, the Ministry of homeland security and the Director of national intelligence has accused Russia of deliberate attempts to influence the outcome of elections in the United States through cyber attacks. US intelligence agencies have repeatedly hinted that Russia supports the candidacy of Republican Donald trump.

Russian President Vladimir Putin later said that the allegations that Donald trump is a favorite, is a way of political struggle and manipulation of public opinion. Putin also said that Moscow will work with any U.S. President, who will choose the American people.