The media learned about the mismatch field “Zenit Arena” with the requirements of FIFA

The construction of the stadium “Zenit arena” in St. Petersburg

Commission FIFA has visited on Krestovsky island football stadium “Zenit arena” on October 31, according to “Fontanka”. After inspection of the field, which was held closed to the press, the administration of St. Petersburg issued a statement, which said that the inspectors “paid special attention to the condition of the stadium field, vibration indicators, the availability of the technical systems.”

Sources of “Fontanka”, who was present at the event, said details of the visit by FIFA inspectors. According to them, the inspectors went to injected inside of the arena field and started jumping on the lawn. Field under their feet zaproszenia, after which FIFA officials spoke about the inadmissibility of such vibration during the games. “Simply put, when a player in one part of the field will jump for the ball, the other parts of the lawn will start to move”, says “Fontanka”.

However, the builders were aware of the vibration field, the newspaper notes. A year ago the contractor “Module-T” addressed to “Transstroy” to reinforce the field structure due to possible vibrations. Base pull-out field stadium made of steel and during its inception the design has been simplified from 8.4 million tons to 5-6 million tonnes, which led to the lack of both mass and stiffness. For example, a retractable field in Germany, USA and Japan are made of reinforced concrete and weigh over 10 tons.

Photo: Peter Kovalev/TASS


Photo: Peter Kovalev/TASS

Working on the stadium «Zenith arena»
Photo: Peter Kovalev/TASS


Workers at the stadium “Zenit arena” Photo: Peter Kovalev/TASS

Jumping officials of FIFA and their “sudden” criticism field interlocutors of the St. Petersburg edition believed to be politically motivated. However, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin called the Board’s comments, FIFA “working”. “The working visit, the workers comments — no,” he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister on sport, tourism and youth policy Vitaly Mutko also said the situation with the field of “regular”. “Always a great project raises many questions. The pitch is the staffing situation,” he said.

Their suggestions for solving the problem of vibrations of the field was made by the contractors, the specialists of the Polytechnic University and “Metrostroy.” First made for the installation under 1.5 thousand jacks, which will hold the vibration. The second proposed set bottom of pan field a steel frame to fasten metal sheets. Metrostroy has expressed willingness to weld under the bottom of the box with additional metal sheets and between layers to pump a layer of concrete with polyurethane foam.

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