Kaljulaid – first Chapter of Estonia refused to worship in his honor

MOSCOW, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti. The President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid became the first head of state refused to conduct a thanksgiving service in his honor, said on Wednesday the portal Postimees.

This tradition was observed 25 years since the proclamation of independence of Estonia. As reported, the Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Urmas Viilma, so far, all three presidents (Lennart Meri, Arnold Ruutel and Toomas Hendrik Ilves) followed her and included a thanksgiving mass in the Protocol of the inauguration.

“The President Kersti Kaljulaid became the first head of state of Estonia, who refused on the day of the inauguration from the thanksgiving service in his honor,” — said in the message.

According to Wilma, the day of the election, he congratulated Kaljulaid by phone and informed about the readiness of the Church to conduct the service. Kaljulaid promised to think, but after a few days the office of the President announced the decision to abandon the ceremonies of worship. “These decisions independently made by the President. But in this post, of course, it is difficult to find a balance between the desires of the individual and the official duties”, — commented on the decision Kaljulaid the Archbishop.

Vilma added that he had informed the office of the President on the readiness of the Church to discuss the order of service and, if necessary, make changes to it. For example, in his opinion, the service could be Ecumenical, that is, to involve all members of the Estonian Council of churches, representing different branches of Christianity (Evangelical Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Baptist). Response from the presidential residence not entered, but Vilma hopes soon to discuss this issue with Celluloid.

Press Secretary of the President Taavi linnamäe in turn, said that relations with religion and their intensity — a very personal question for each person. “I appreciate the work that is carried out with the communities of the Church and their parishes, and the role they play in the lives of communities and their members. We have common topics for discussion, and we shall find a form of cooperation”, — he stressed. According to the office, it is still unknown whether Kaljulaid to bring the Church to the anniversary celebration of the Republic day and Christmas, since these events are currently planned.

The President of Estonia has chosen for a term of five years from the third attempt on 3 October, they became the first woman. Kaljulaid officially took office on October 10. Previously, she was country representative in European court of justice.