Erdogan called borrowing from the IMF a new form of colonialism

ANKARA, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called borrowing developing countries through the International monetary Fund (IMF) and world Bank (WB) a new form of colonialism and slavery.

“You want to develop your economy, and you propose as the only way to take loans from the IMF, the WB and the banks at interest. This globalization is a new model of colonialism and slavery. This is an attempt to put the shackles on the economy, industry, political system and minds. We reject this proposal to be colonies and second-class citizens,” — said Erdogan, speaking at the opening of the economic business forum “Turkey-Africa” in Istanbul, the Broadcast was led by the TV channel NTV.

He also accused politicians of Western countries that they are “fanning the flames of conflict” in the middle East and Africa and “think profit”, then close the door to refugees who “pay for it all”.