At the Vostochny space centre was completed fall semester of the student construction

BLAGOVESHCHENSK, 2 Nov — RIA Novosti. The autumn stage of all-Russian student construction project was completed at the Baikonur East, which is being built in the Amur region, the press service of “Dalspetsstroy” at Spetsstroy Russia.

“Autumn phase is over… the Best squad performance squad is a “Fortress” (Altai territory), the best squad Commissar activity was “Stealth” (Samara region), the best squad of the totality of all indicators — “Crimea-Operation” (Republic of Crimea)”,- reports a press-service, specifying that monthly salaries of students on the East amounted to 35 thousand rubles.

Just from September to October at the spaceport had 10 student construction squads — 90 young men from the Crimea, the Altai, Khabarovsk territories, the Amur, Samara and Chelyabinsk regions.

“Students performed construction and installation works at the meteorological complex, building residential real estate cosmogrid Ziolkowski, worked on a new boiler, and was also engaged in preparation of as-built documentation as technicians of the production Department Spetsstroytekhnologii”,- said the press service.

At the end of the autumn phase for high work performance badge “Builder of Baikonur “East” gave Yaroslav Sandolova — the commander of the “Crimea-Stroy” and the commander of the Samara region Artem Sommer.

The company Spetsstroytekhnologii at Spetsstroy Russia “is considering the issue” and the winter stage of the Russian national student construction project on the East.

The Vostochny cosmodrome is being built near the city of Tsiolkovsky (formerly the village of Uglegorsk) in the Amur region in 2012. He will become the first national cosmodrome of civilian purposes and will ensure independent access of Russia into space. Historic first launch of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a” with the East with three satellites was successfully completed on April 28.