Media: NASA and Roskosmos are discussing a joint mission to Venus

MOSCOW, 1 Nov — RIA Novosti. NASA has confirmed interest in the planned state Corporation “Roscosmos” flight of automatic stations to Venus and have already worked out several scenarios of the flight with Russian scientists, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to Director of space research Institute and head of the RAS Council on space Lion Green.

Mission “Venera-D” was included in the Federal space program for 2006-2015, but not included in the program for 2016-2025. The project “Venera-D” aimed at creating a long-lived station on Venus, which will be able to explore the surface and atmosphere of the planet.

“In October of this year, a joint working group has proposed several scenarios of the project in which Russian and American competence complement each other. After that we had a conversation with the Deputy Director of NASA Davoi Newman, she confirmed interest in the project “Venus D”, — quotes the Green paper.

He also noted that the cooperation in the project “Venera-D” will be discussed with NASA for about two years in the framework of the joint working group, composed of Russian and American specialists.

As reported by the newspaper in a press-service of the Roscosmos, the “Venera-D” there is every reason to declare itself as a new ambitious international project.

“On the major forums have already shown their interest in collaborating on a new program of research of Venus from Europe, USA and China. Discusses the integrated research programme Venus: the Orbiter and substutite, and atmospheric probes. The distribution of effort and responsibilities of the parties for certain elements of the mission will help to raise the level of technological development and scientific impact of the experiments”, — told the edition in a press-service of the Corporation.

In a press-service NASA confirmed to the newspaper that during his visit Newman to Moscow the issue of joint exploration of Venus was discussed. However, representatives of the office stressed that “it was just a discussion and no formal agreement has not been reached”.

According to the publication, the start of the mission “Venera D” can take place at the end of 2026: that date the scientists on the basis of planetary trajectories. At the same time noted that “in the “Roskosmos” not yet ready to subscribe to this date,” because funding for some programs to space exploration was reduced in the context of General budget cuts of the Federal space program.