The defense Ministry explained the origin 200 boxes of ammunition in Moscow

Ammunition in a railway carriage at the station “Perovo” in Moscow is designed for one of military units near Moscow, cargo transportation is carried out with all safety requirements, have informed “Interfax” with reference to the defense Ministry of Russia.

“Transportation of cargo carried out according to existing safety requirements. All ammunition was transported in dismantled form and are not dangerous. All along the route of the wagon was provided with the same level of cargo protection”, — told in the defense Ministry.

Ammunition in a railway carriage in composition of freight train arriving at the station of Perovo-1 in Moscow, is intended for one of the compounds of the Western military district, which is stationed in the suburbs. The defense Ministry reported that in the near future be transported by the previously set route.

Early news Agency, citing its sources in law enforcement bodies reported the discovery in one of the freight cars on the station Cohline at Karacharovsky highway, 5 boxes with mines and fuzes. Composition for security purposes, overtaken on sidings. According to “Interfax”, the cargo train standing in a siding at the station Cohline in Moscow, there were more than 200 boxes of ammunition, rocket launchers and mines.

The discovery of the car with ammunition confirmed in the defense Ministry, but in the military we are talking about the station Perovo-1, nearby.

According to a source “RIA Novosti” in law enforcement bodies of the capital, the freight cars were uncoupled and driven away into the sump.

MOR has issued a press release (at the disposal of RBC), which reported that previously received information about the evacuation was untrue and that the movement at the Kursk and Gorky direction is carried out normally.