Roskomnadzor has made an article about bribery of the project of the left in the register is prohibited

The material displayed on the website of the educational project “Arzamas”, called “How to take bribes”, included in the unified register of prohibited information Roskomnadzor.

The basis for entering of the page with the specified material was the decision of the court of Arzamas Nizhny Novgorod region. July 28 this year, he decided to satisfy the statement of the Arzamas city Prosecutor.

In particular, the court found the above article on the website of the “Arzamas” information whose dissemination in the Russian Federation is prohibited and decided to make a page with this article in the register of banned sites.

On the website of Roskomnadzor specified that access to the page is not yet limited. In Arzamas decision of the court stated that it could be appealed in a higher court.

The article “How to properly take bribes” on the website of the “Arzamas” is a brief satirical presentation of the book of Erast Pertseva, “the Art of taking a bribe”, published in 1837.

“I am pleased that our historical materials read in the wonderful city of Arzamas. I am sure that there are more careful and adequate readers than the author of this denunciation, unable to detect that we are talking about the text, retell satirical book,” said the Medusa chief editor of the “Arzamas,” Philip Dzyadko.