Lavrov called “hysterical” the West’s reaction to Russia’s actions in Syria

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the “hysterical” reaction of the US and Britain to Russia’s actions in Syria. He stated in the film, “I firmly decided. Yevgeny Primakov” on TV channel “Russia 1”, transmits “Interfax”.

“Now the background of what is happening around Syria, our Western partners, primarily the Americans and the British, are already up in their hysterics to public insults, using words like “barbarism” and “war crime”, — he stressed.

Lavrov also reminded about the military actions of NATO in Yugoslavia in 1999, calling this an “aggression”. “This was the first armed attack in Europe against a sovereign state after 1945,” he said.

In early October, the head of the US state Department John Kerry urged to investigate the actions of Russia and Syria as a war crime. In particular, they talked about the strikes on hospitals, which, according to Kerry, causing Moscow and Damascus. According to Secretary of state, Russia and the Assad regime “the world needs more than explanations for why they continue to launch attacks on hospitals, medical institutions, and women and children”.

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