In Primorsky Oceanarium suspended the sale of tickets

VLADIVOSTOK, October 31 – RIA Novosti. The Primorsky aquarium on the Russky island in Vladivostok, which recently killed a Steller sea lion and two dolphins, announced the suspension of ticket sales.

“From 1 November 2016, the aquarium is temporarily suspending the sale of tickets in connection with preventive works on engineering systems of the complex. Previously purchased tickets remain valid. On the resumption of sales will always report” — according to the aquarium.

Last week the aquarium has killed two Pacific Whiteside Dolphin. The police began checking. The investigation reported that the autopsy of any external injuries on the carcasses of dolphins are detected, a histological study on the detection of poisons, toxins and chemicals. A few days before in the aquarium were killed the Steller sea lion, rescued in the summer on Sakhalin. According to local media, on the animal’s body, there were signs of blunt force trauma. The police opened a criminal case on the fact of death of sea lions. On the website there are several petitions with the requirements of the “punish those responsible for the death of animals in the Primorsky Oceanarium, and close to SeaWorld.”