“Hubble” photographed a Halloween “Ghost” crab nebula

MOSCOW, 31 Dec – RIA Novosti. Orbital Observatory “Hubble” has received new photos of the famous crab nebula, has acquired a “ghostly” green color due to the use of only one filter if observations of these supernova remnants, the website of the space telescope.

The crab nebula is one of the most famous objects in the cosmos — represents the remains of a supernova explosion, one of the first outbreaks of the kind documented by mankind. She broke out in 1054 ad, a new and unusual star was mentioned by the Chinese chroniclers who first described her position, brightness, and other details that allowed the astronomers of the early 20th century for the first time to link a supernova with similar nebulae.

This property is located in a relatively small distance from Earth, about 6.5 thousand light years towards the constellation of Taurus, and today he is a giant glowing cloud of gas and dust, proterties at approximately 11 light-years away in the explosion of a dying star. The boundaries of the crab nebula gradually grow, increasing by 1,500 kilometers per second.

In addition to the hot gas cloud, traces of the past stars can be seen in the center of the crab nebula, where a neutron star-a pulsar, rotating with a speed of 30 revolutions per second. Due to its proximity to Earth, she is the brightest radio and x-ray source in our cosmic vicinity, and the pulsar is now used as a “guiding light” for nearly all space-based observatories, where scientists check their instruments and calibrate them.

New photo of the crab nebula obtained by Hubble with the ACS camera and a green filter, less detailed than the images obtained in previous years. On the other hand, the “monochrome” picture makes it easier to consider “space crab” and understand where the start and end of its boundary.