Grushko: NATO is not ready sincerely to reach agreement on security in the Baltic sea

MOSCOW, 31 Dec — RIA Novosti. NATO is not ready to negotiate sincerely on building security regime in the Baltic sea, said Monday the permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko.

“The theme of these encounters (in the airspace) and the theme of the pairing of military and civilian air traffic complex. The situation is difficult because there are standards of ICAO (international civil aviation organization), which do not regulate, with the exception of the General principles of military movement. And when Russia tried to hang all the sins of threat convergence, I, as a professional I can say that actually we are talking about the problem, which is absolutely not connected with the Russian factor and the fact that I mentioned, especially in such regions as the Baltic sea,” — said Grushko in broadcast television channel “Russia-24”.

He noted that as soon as Russia accepted Finland a communication plan involving the use of military aircraft transponders, the transponders subject “virtually disappeared from the political lexicon of the NATO countries”.

“It has ceased to exist and, until recently, in General, very few people raised it. This is understandable, because in fact the problem is much more complicated. And I’m far from sure that NATO is ready to sincerely agree that all countries that are conducting military activities in this region will be ready to join such a regime, if we agree,” — said Grushko.

He stressed that “this topic is not removed from the agenda of the Council Russia-NATO”.