Friend Park Geun-Hye returned to the country amid political scandal

TOKYO, 30 Oct – RIA Novosti, Yekaterina Plyasunova. A close friend of the President of South Korea Park Geun-Hye — Choi sung-SIL stranded in the middle of a political scandal, has returned to the country to “fully cooperate with the investigation.”

According to Yonhap news Agency, citing prosecutors, “Choi sung-SIL had voluntarily returned to South Korea at 07.30 local time (01.30 GMT) British Airways from Heathrow airport”.

The Agency notes that the lawyer friend of the South Korean President sent a petition to the investigating authorities to postpone the call to Choi sung-SIL to the Prosecutor’s office for questioning in connection with an unsatisfactory state of health of his client. In this regard, the first conversation with investigators, Choi sung-SIL could take place only on Monday.

Political scandal around the President of South Korea broke out after Park Geun-Hye made a public apology for the so-called “leak” to Choi sung-SIL of dozens of texts of presidential speeches before they were publicly read. The next day after the statement was made by South Korean prosecutors started searches at the headquarters of the Federation of Korean Industrialists and the house of Choi sung-SIL.

All the searches touched upon nine structures, including Mir Foundation and the Fund for the K-Sports on suspicion of collecting $ 70 million from some business corporations. According to the Agency, the money is hidden I went to Choi sung-SIL. It was not excluded that part of these funds were allegedly used to purchase property abroad and to pay for the tuition of her daughter in one of the most prestigious Universities in South Korea.

Choi sung-SIL does not occupy any official position in the government of South Korea. It is called the daughter of Choi Tae the Mine, a mentor, Park Geun-Hye, and the former wife of ex-Secretary of the President Dream of Its Hwa. In connection with the scandal in the South Korean capital Seoul on the eve of a protest was held demanding the resignation of the President.