The Ministry of culture will support the theater “Satyricon” after approval of the budget-2017

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky confirmed the readiness to assist the theatre “Satyricon” in the coming year after approval of the Federal budget for 2017, the instructions he gave after meeting with the Director of theatre “Satyricon” Anatoliy Balanchinym, the press service of the Ministry of culture.

The meeting of Vladimir Medinsky and Anatoly Palankin, during which they discussed General issues of creative activity, reconstruction of the main stage and support theatre for 2017, was held in the Ministry of culture. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister Alexander Zhuravskii.

“Held a mutually respectful and trusting conversation. We respect the talent and opinion creative leader of the “Satyricon” Konstantin Arkadyevich Raikin. Naturally, the theater, whose founder is the Ministry of culture, we are in a difficult situation will not leave. As soon as it is approved by the Federal budget, we will solve all problems. The Minister gave these directions”, — the press service quoted the words of Zhuravsky.

He said that after calm discussion and conversation between Vladimir Medinsky with Konstantin Raikin, “everyone thought the incident closed, and misunderstandings overcome.”

“Each of the parties made too emotional and unfair, according to the other hand, judgments that have been reinforced by the media and given unnecessary negative context of a simple technical issue. Colleagues from “Satyricon” are considered unfair in our assessment of the economic situation, we are not prepared to recognize a fair in their assessment of the financial condition of the theater and claims of censorship. We agreed quietly and without attracting media solve the issues arising in working order,” — said Zhuravskii.

The Director of “Satyricon” Anatoly Palankin also said that the parties “honest conversation” and, of clarifying each other’s positions, “apologized for being so emotional”.

“All our fears are dispelled. Understanding restored,” concluded Palankin.