On the space program in 2017 could highlight 92,5 billion roubles

MOSCOW, 29 Sep – RIA Novosti. The funding of the Federal space program (BFC) for 2016-2025 in 2017 will be 92,5 billion roubles, follows from the draft Federal budget, introduced yesterday in the state Duma.

In turn, the Federal program of development of the cosmodromes of Russia in 2017 will be financed with more than 21 billion rubles.

According to documents published on the portal of legal information, the intensity of the PCF funding in 2018-2019 decline slightly and amount to 89.2 billion rubles compared with 86.3 billion rubles, respectively.

A similar trend is expected in the budget of the Federal program of development of spaceports in the same period, which will reduce each year by about half a billion rubles (20.6 billion rubles in 2018 and 20.2 billion in 2019).

In the explanatory note to the budget it is noted that compared to those figures, which were laid on the program earlier, there was a reduction of resource provision of the Federal space program of Russia for 2016-2025 2017 12 billion in 2018 on 3.2 billion rubles in 2019 2.9 billion.

The draft Federal budget for 2017-2019