Kadyrov supported the Surgeon in a dispute with Raikin

The leader of the bike club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon)

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has supported the leader of the bike club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon) in his controversy with the art Director of theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin.

In his Instagram Kadyrov explained that he “very carefully” watching the debate about censorship in art. It erupted after the speech in Moscow at the seventh Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, the artistic Director of the theatre called on the authorities “to speak clearly” about the attacks activists for exhibitions and performances. In his speech, he was referring to two incidents — closure in Moscow exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” and the cancellation of the Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” in Omsk.

Kadyrov admitted that he “was surprised of the words that public organizations do not have to “fight for morality in art.” The head of Chechnya also said that he shared the opinion of the Surgeon who stated that “under the guise of freedom Raikin want to turn our country into the gutter, where sewage would flow”.

“And I don’t quite understand how you can demand from Zaldostanov apology for the opinion that is close to millions of Russians. We have some caste feels entitled to insult the religious feelings of tens of millions of Orthodox Christians and Muslims, saying that the art everything is allowed”, — wrote Kadyrov.

The head of Chechnya believes that “neither the authorities nor society have the right to remain silent, when on the stage of the theatre “All shades of blue”, the Temple run in bare girls hanging in the Museum pictures of naked boys and girls”. In his opinion, the assessment Sladostnoe what is happening is “assessment just healthy Russian society.”

After the statement of the Surgeon, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has suggested that the leader of “Night wolves” to apologize to Raikin. In his opinion, “the devil made me this biker who insulted him”. In an interview with RBC Sladostej explained that he is not going to give up their words.