Zakharova called “computer graphics” photos of the devastation in Idlib

Published in the media pictures of the destruction of a school in Idlib are “computer graphics”, based on “expert analysis” of the images, said the official representative of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova. This opinion was expressed on his page in Facebook.

“It turned out that there was no shelling of the school, and the victims was not there. Photography — computer graphics. Killed school children — a terrible fantasy “activists” and “al-Jazeera” independents”, — said Zakharov. In addition, she recalled the words of the head of the French foreign Ministry Jean-Marc Ayrault, who was blamed for the shelling of a school in Idlib at the “Moscow or Damascus.” “Decent people in such cases, sorry. Here we learn” — summed up the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

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Consequences of air strike on Syrian school in Idlib

In an air strike on a school in Idlib province in Syria killed 22 children and six teachers, said UNICEF. UNICEF Executive Director Anthony lake said that this attack…

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On the eve of Thursday, October 27, the defense Ministry analyzed photo and video “evidence destruction of school” in the village of Hass in the province of Idlib. The Department published “in some foreign media,” the images called “mounted”.

About the strike on a school in Idlib, it became known on October 27. Then this was announced by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). According to him, victims of the attack were 22 children and six teachers. The country, which, presumably, belonged to inflicted airstrike planes, the Fund was not called.